Waldmeier and environment

For many years, the Waldmeier company has been able to offer fun, entertainment and education to babies, children and the young at heart. Our target groups have the right and expectation that we take climate and environmental protection seriously. For this reason, we are constantly trying to improve on the subject of sustainability and the environment. We have already achieved quite a bit. We have a responsibility and see further potential for progress in this area in many areas of activity. We also enjoy small but meaningful steps within our areas of activity. A need-oriented, efficient and successful service combined with an ecological attitude is not a contradiction for us.

Logistics in Switzerland

Rhenus Logistics

We work together with our external logistics service provider Rhenus Logistics AG. Our partner sets high standards when it comes to the environment. This was and is important to us in our choice of partner. Rhenus complies with the ISO 14001 standard.

The ISO 14001 standard defines globally valid criteria for efficient and effective environmental management systems. The new 2015 version of the standard also requires consideration of external issues relevant to the organization concerned and its stakeholders. The consideration of products and services over their entire life cycle is now also required. In addition to environmental protection, the new standard aims at ways to manage and control environment-related responsibilities in such a way that they contribute to the environmental pillar of sustainable development (source SQS).

Inbound logistics


We save significantly on CO2 emissions when we ship our deliveries from the Far East by modern ships to the port of Rotterdam. A major part of our imports travels by ship on the Rhine to Basel-Kleinhüningen and is transported directly from the water to the Waldmeier warehouse.


DPD Schweiz Logo

The approach of DPD Switzerland our parcel service provider:
They measure CO2 emissions and actively work to reduce them. To offset the unavoidable transport emissions, they finance renewable energy projects and clean energy generation. DPD Switzerland has set itself the goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 75% by 2030 (2020 baseline). In addition, renewable energy from hydro or solar power is sourced at all DPD-owned depots.

This is how DPD Switzerland is achieving its goal:
• By increasing the efficiency of the transport network, for example through route optimization.
• By developing innovative delivery solutions
• By using vehicles with alternative drives

10 years of CO2-neutral shipping!
DPD Switzerland delivers all parcels CO2-neutral, and has been doing so for over 10 years.



It still exists – a 30-year-old Carrera car racetrack!

Waldmeier has operated its own repair and service department at the Neuendorf site since the beginning. Even if the costs are sometimes higher than a simple replacement, we avoid a lot of waste of valuable products and materials. In addition, we are motivated by the fact that we repeatedly find that the children want “their” toys back and are therefore positive about a repair.


Waldmeier AG Environment

Our employees attach importance to avoiding or reducing travel and air miles. We can simply protect the environment with good route planning, home offices, electronic meetings and synergies in the planning of marketing events. In a long-term comparison, we have been able to save more than a third on gasoline and diesel by using fewer and more efficient vehicles. Our B2B store enjoys great popularity. In this case, too, we avoid business trips. The planned tests with electric vehicles in combination with green electricity will show us whether we can take a further step in the subject of mobility.

Our office building

Waldmeier AG

Good-quality, energy-saving building fabric, the switch to LED lighting within our office building, and no air conditioning are effects that keep electricity consumption low.

Waste disposal

Waldmeier AG Environment

We consider separate and specific waste disposal to be a matter of course. The additional effort is justified. Specialized partners collect the materials in Neuendorf and feed them into the recycling circuit.

Assortment design

Waldmeier AG Environment

By focusing on quality toys, Waldmeier AG scores points with our customers for the longevity of the toys and works against the devastating throwaway society. This starts with the assortment design.

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