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Data Protection Declaration Waldmeier AG

The company Waldmeier AG conducts business communication with you. Our company attaches great importance to privacy and the legally correct handling of your personal and business data. For this reason we process this data only in accordance with current data protection legislation. We are pleased to inform you about the data processing upon which our business correspondence is based.

What types of data are processed?

Customers of Waldmeier AG (resellers)

Personal and business data are used by us to identify you. We process only data that you have voluntarily made available to us. (e-mails, customer registration forms, newsletter registrations or other registrations for training courses or events). We store the following data: Names, addresses, correspondence languages, customer numbers, further contact individuals, e-mails and telephone numbers, internet addresses, turnover and sales data, accounting data, association memberships, etc.

In certain cases this data will be supplemented by information from publicly accessible sources, such as e.g. online media or internet sources, in order to ensure that this data is up-to-date.

Private individuals

Personal data is used by us to correspond with you (product and supplier enquiries, guarantee and repair enquiries) and to send you ordered newsletters.

How is your data used?

We use this personal and business data in our administration for our business relationship with you. Specifically for communication purposes and to dispatch ordered newsletters, to perform business procedures such as offers, order confirmations, logistic processes, to dispatch invoices and reminders. Furthermore for invitations to events and to administer our contact lists.

We do not sell any data, and moreover do not pass this to any third parties. During maintenance of our IT system, access to certain personal and business data of relevant partners of Waldmeier AG may be permitted.

How is the data processed?

When processing personal and business data for the purposes described, we rely, inter alia, on our interest in maintaining and managing our business relationship and general communications with you.

How do we protect your data?

Waldmeier AG uses technical and organisational measures to protect your data from loss and unauthorised access. We regularly review our security policies and procedures to ensure that our system is secure. In the unlikely event of data misuse, Waldmeier AG will inform its business partners. If you suspect that your data is not being used in a compliant manner or is being used by an external body, we kindly ask you to contact us without delay.

Waldmeier AG website

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