Our logistics partner Rhenus automates parcel logistics

After an introductory phase, our logistics partner Rhenus is now working with the Geek+ system at our logistics center in Basel-Kleinhüningen.

Rhenus has already been using this system abroad for some time and has gained positive experience with it. Since recently, nine modern P800 robots automatically transport the articles according to the order from the goods management system to the person picking the goods and thus to further processing (goods to person packing). In the area of parcel logistics, this new automation equipment complements the overall process and the space volume is optimally utilized. Small to medium-sized products can now be loaded in 222 shelves on an area of 800 m2 at a loading station and removed at two removal stations.

Waldmeier now offers its customers an L2C (Logistics to Consumer) service. The efficiency of smaller or individual orders can be increased by the new system.

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