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Crayola stands for unlimited creativity ‒ an important element in the development of children and young people. With the Crayola MiniKids, Crayola Stationery, Crayola Outdoor, Color Wonder, Washable Dry Erase and Crayola Creations lines as well as the terrific licensed products from Disney, Crayola covers all target groups from 3 to 99 years of age.

Crayola’s attributes of quality, innovation and market leadership show that its brand reputation as THE all-round supplier in the creative market has not come about by chance. The different lines are packaged in distinctly separate styles, making them clearly recognizable for consumers. The Crayola umbrella logo accompanying the entire range offers the reassurance of having purchased the right product.

Crayola is a premium brand and features a number of advantages over its competitors in various sub-markets. The result of this consumer trust in the brand is that not only children, but also their parents and grandparents regularly opt in favor of Crayola products.

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