Alfred Wyss
Dear Readers

I am happy to introduce the Waldmeier company to you a little playfully with this brochure. Like all my colleagues in our leading commercial enterprise for quality toys, my heart beats to two rhythms. That of the joy and fascination of the world of playing with toys and that of professional ambition in the world of business competition. And we can all be proud of what we have achieved. You can see on the following pages just what has spurred us on to this achievement. In this spirit, I wish you lots of fun leading through this brochure and ask you to “Play With Us!”
Alfred Wyss, Chairman of the board


The Waldmeier company – a childhood dream come true

Many childhood dreams remain castles in the air. But not all. The Waldmeier company may be able to trace its origins back to windy heights but today it stands firmly on the ground. And this is thanks to the fantastic way the company has developed over the years. It was founded in 1955 by Othmar E. Waldmeier and Ruinell K. Sigg. For some years previously, Othmar Waldmeier had pursued the sideline of selling wooden model airplanes imported from the USA. Now his hobby took on the mantle of professionalism. The first commission for distribution was for Berkley toys, followed later by Matchbox, Lindberg and others.
The logical result of this was the landing on solid ground and establishment as a solid commercial enterprise. The Waldmeier firm became a corporation in 1956. Playtime had become a serious business for big players – the initial success continued to expand and enlargement became inevitable. In 1958 the firm’s headquarters was moved from St. Alban-Vorstadt 51 in Basel to new premises at Auf dem Wolf 30 in the Basel industrial area.

The new headquarters of the Waldmeier AG is in Neuendorf in the canton of Solothurn. The company is owned by Alwys Holding AG.

Today Waldmeier continues to play a major role in the Swiss toy market. Since many years, Waldmeier is one of the leading and independent toy suppliers in the Swiss market.
Of course, the tough battle for success in the race for market shares has to be fought year after year. Fortunately, Waldmeier has all the optimal qualifications. One of these is that it distributes well-known brands in the most important toy product groups. Such as Baufix, Carrera, Carrera-RC, Crayola, Günther, Kurio, Little Tikes, Meccano, MGA, Plantoys, Pustefix, Tech Deck, SpinMaster, Totum, Vivid, WWF Plüsch and Zapf to name but the most important.
Waldmeier has proved over and over again that it can create a market breakthrough for a brand if the brand’s products are right.

The aim of the Waldmeier AG

The aim of the Waldmeier AG is to be one of the leading commercial enterprises for brand-name, quality toys, ranging from the more traditional to the latest electronic toys. To achieve this, the company concentrates on promising, middle- to long-term oriented, trendsetting brands that manufacture innovative products in the leisure and toy segment.
As an independent distributor, Waldmeier closely follows developments in the markets and in distribution and sales channels – directing its business strategies accordingly towards developments with future potential. Once Waldmeier has made the decision to distribute a certain brand, the company stands behind the distribution of that brand with all its experience, with full commitment and with dynamic energy.
In doing so, the professional marketing of the Waldmeier AG covers all areas of business and all distribution and sales channels right up to sales staff. Just as important is the provision of extensive storage capacity, equipped with the latest in electronic data processing and run with the appropriate logistics. All of these services are supported by an ISO-certified quality-management system.
The success story of the Waldmeier AG is based, last but not least, on two further, important pillars. On the commercial side is a competitive and marketing-oriented price and margin policy, on the ethical side is consciousness of responsibility towards environment and consumers. The latter is illustrated by the fact that we conform to very high safety standards and which we have tested.