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It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Waldmeier AG.
Keeping a leading trading company for branded and quality toys successfully on the market for many decades requires foresight, continuity, resilience and adaptability. We do not see constant change as a nuisance, but adapting to market needs as our duty and strength. We see the assessment of where the market is heading, which tasks our company may take on in the future, as a challenge that we constantly and gladly accept. As our mission states, we want to connect suppliers with retail and online customers in a reliable, efficient, cost-effective and service-oriented way. We succeed in this with a good and experienced team. Together, we can be proud of what we have achieved. You can read more about what motivates us in the following text. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy clicking through and invite you to “Play With Us!

Management Waldmeier AG

The Waldmeier company – a childhood dream come true

Many childhood dreams remain castles in the air. But not all of them. Even though the Waldmeier company can trace its origins back to lofty heights, it stands on solid ground. And this thanks to its dreamlike development. It was founded in 1955 by Othmar E. Waldmeier and Ruinell K. Sigg. As a sideline, Othmar Waldmeier had already been importing and selling wooden aircraft models from the USA for years. But now the hobby turned into professionalism. The first general agency was Berkley, later followed by Matchbox, Lindberg and others. The logical consequence was the landing on solid ground and the rooting as a solid trading company. Thus, in 1956, the Waldmeier company was transformed into a stock corporation. After playing had become playful seriousness and the initial success expanded, an enlargement became inevitable. In 1958, the company headquarters were moved from St. Alban-Vorstadt 51 in Basel to the industrial area Auf dem Wolf 30 in Basel.

Waldmeier AG has its headquarters in Neuendorf Canton Solothurn

The role that Waldmeier AG plays in the Swiss toy landscape is something to be proud of. For years, it has consistently ranked among the leading independent toy importers in Switzerland.
But success in the race for market share has to be fought hard year after year. Fortunately, Waldmeier AG brings the best prerequisites to the runway. One of these is that it is represented by well-known brands in the most important toy product groups. The quality and safety of the product selection is our top priority. We maintain our partnerships with our suppliers, some of them over decades. We demand performance from each other. These are the foundations of our success.


Waldmeier AG’s goal is to be one of the leading trading companies for branded and quality toys from both the classic and electronic segments. In doing so, it concentrates on promising, medium- to long-term oriented brand representations that manufacture innovative products from the leisure and toy sector.
As an independent importer, Waldmeier AG closely monitors market and sales channel developments and thus aligns its business strategies to developments with future potential. Once it has decided on a brand, it stands behind this brand representation with all its experience, full commitment and dynamism.
In doing so, Waldmeier AG’s professional marketing extends to all business areas and across all sales channels, all the way to the buyers. Equally important is the provision of extensive warehouse capacity, equipped with the latest EDP and appropriate logistics processes.
However, the success story of Waldmeier AG rests not least on two other important pillars. On the economic side, this is a competitive and marketing-oriented price and margin policy; on the ethical side, it is the sense of responsibility towards the environment and consumers. The latter is expressed in the fact that we only sell products that meet very high safety standards and have been tested by us.

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