A new friend for all BABY born fans

A new friend for BABY born and all BABY born fans. Or maybe it’s a girlfriend? Totally doesn’t matter, the teddy can be anything: Girl, boy, baby, cuddly bear, playmate, comforter, princess or fireman – and that from infancy, until well beyond doll age. The little bear with the sweet smile has a soft stuffed body. His first outfit includes a white romper suit. He has his own fashion collection and bearish accessories, but can also wear almost anything from BABY born and use the accessories. His figure is designed so that almost all the clothes of BABY born 43cm fit him. Only the shoes, they do not fit him. But what bear needs shoes? Due to the movable arms and legs, as well as the rotatable head, he can be easily dressed and undressed. His mobility is perfect for a variety of (role) play. Who will be the first to sign the friendship booklet with an extra sticker sheet?
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